​Very GEEK and proud of it! Big fan of Castle, Nathan Fillion and a proud Browncoat (BRING BACK FIREFLY!).
I'm a big fan of Robert Downey Jr and all his movies.
Comics, especially Iron Man and Batman.
I've been obsessed with the Kingdom Hearts universe for years. Also, a very big fan of cinema, I would be able to spend all my life watching movie after movie.
I would not be able to live without my Kindle and all the books inside it.
I like to play videogames in my free time.
I like all kind of sports, especially football and tennis. I am a big supporter of the team of my city. I like to do running and to go to the gym.



Look at his face. He’s so worried that he ruined it and messed up all their hard work and she’s just like ‘Hm, I like it!’ and makes him smile because she loves him. I love this movie.

And then 5 mins later she dies and so do I

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